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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Indian Bureaucracy - The Journey Begins

You start your preparations:

Packing list:
passport - check
sleeping bag - check
first aid kit - check
3 pairs of socks - check
underwear - check

visa - damn, better get on that! I'lll just head down to the consulate..... or not. As of Nov. 20th they only accept application via mail, you must trust your passport, pictures, and bankdraft to the mailman. Hmmmmmmm.

shanti shanti shanti - time to get into the vibe and place your faith in the hands of the unforseeable. In this case, the bureaucrat.


salima said...

babe, mail it!! the consulate is insane. i went 5 days before i left only to be told to go away and come back 72hrs before my departure. it's for emergency visas only. arriving extra early opening, only to find that about 20 others did the same, i then spent 3hrs waiting only to finally reach the window with my paperwork and exact cash count in hand to be told that i needed to pay an extra $55 because it's an emergency visa!! there is another line up to come back for pick ups. and that only happens after 3pm.

mail it babes!!! you got time on your side!

Holistic Traveler said...

it is in the mail. fingers crossed!