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Thursday, April 5, 2007

The treatment continues

This has certainly been a trip.

After the treatment of Ilakizhi (I believe that's what the brutal herbal beating is called) I felt exhausted. After 3 days my blood pressure dropped and all I wanted to do was hang out in bed. I did manage a walk on the beach at sunset however.

Then I began a new treatment, just in time for my birthday. After my daily massage I started a 4 day course of Kativasthi. While I lie on my back a damn of gram (chickpea) flour is created on my back. It's meant to act like a reservoir to hold oil in place. Then warm medicated oil was continuously poured onto my back and removed. This feels great. I often fall asleep. With thi snew treatment my energy has increased, I've been feeling light and active. Yoga and meditation seem to come more easily, yesterday I didn't even take my regular afternoon escape from the heat nap!

Tomorrow however starts the scary part - the first in a round of enemas (don't know how I feel about exposing my bum to a woman in a sari armed with a sharp weapon). They tell me they're going to put a litre of medicated oil into my colon, then give me some kind of massage after which I will pay my respects to the porcelain God.


well for those of you interested in more you can check out Ammrita Kerala Ayurvedic which is where I'm taking this treatment.

My next posting I will provide a more in depth discussion of Ayurveda - what's the point and Ayurveda, why, what, and huh? As well as an update on my enema experience

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