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Friday, February 9, 2007

Cambia, todo Cambia

Things That Change, Things That Stay the Same:
As a week in Pune comes to an end there have been many changes I’ve noticed in this old home of mine. Everything changes – nothing remains the same, and that is truly evident in this place, even after only 5 years.

I notice many of the people who I regularly interacted with still toiling away at their same old jobs. Like the guy at the German Bakery who says he's been there for 15yrs. And I run across people all over the place who seem to remember me. I find this insane considering the amount of foreigners who come through this town – how is it that I’ve been so memorable? It’s been incredible to connect with good friends from another lifetime. It feels like people around me are confirming my past life, and that my experiences here were not just figments of an over active imagination. Something you begin to believe when there is no context for your past. The magical world I once experienced is overwhelming me again.

Pune is a mystical place. Many Gurus have based themselves here, and I believe that there is a reason for this. It seems to be one of those energetically powerful places. Things here really do happen as they should. Thoughts materialize rapidly here, energy is tangible, and trust is any easy thing to find.

However this paradise is transforming, it doesn’t attract the same people anymore. People now come here to seek their fortunes, to find work in the IT industry – and slowly the city is becoming a web of traffic. Honking, engines, touts, beggars, and loud, random, indeterminate noises from a myriad of construction sites interrupt that peaceful easy feeling.

Tibetan Prayer Bowls:
I never paid much attention to this new movement of using the viibrational power of prayer bowls for healing. Jose and I happened to venture into a shop selling a variety of Tibetan goodies. The shopkeeper insisted on putting a prayer bowl on my head and knocking it (to Jose's exited yelps of "hit it harder") – and WOW, the vibrations reverberated down my spine through my entire body. The vibrations produced a different state of mind in me, quiet, aware and joyful. The next day as I walked past the same store I decided to go in and give it another try. After a succession of 3 different prayer bowls I was flying – the perma-smile on my face lasted for hours.

Maybe there is something to this, something worth further exploration. I have heard of different sound and vibration therapies including the use of didjeridoos on different parts of the body. In reiki we talk of the attunements increasing your vibrational frequency, in the Indian chakra system every energy centre has a sound and vibrational frequency associated with it. And even Rajan Sankaran a well respected Homeopath conducted homeopathic provings on different India Ragas.

Does this mean that any sound will affect change or be used as a vehicle to healing? Will different sounds activate different parts of you body, mind, and soul? I welcome your comments and suggestions.

This One's For The Homeopaths:

I’ve had the great opportunity of observing for the last week in Dr. Sunil Anand’s. He sets an extraordinary example of how to use Sankaranian thought and methodology. He has a developed a deep understanding of how to find core sensations within a case, and then to recognize that sensation within the right remedy.

On my first day at the clinic I got to observe an amazing case of mansanilla. The patient came in complaining of anal fissures. He had a very logical way about him – even within his proffesion as a computer programmer. He drew pictures that reflected order, and to me took the form of a crystal. However when the patient spoke about the drawings he experienced them as disorder – he talked about how his illness affected his ability to be a social and respected person. He said that he felt like he had hit a wall and there was no logical way to break through. I saw what I obviously thought were mineral themes. Dr. Anand was able to show me the deeper level that I was ignoring – there was a clear sensation in the case. The patient talked of feeling bound, chained down, his picture actually resembled a box being chained down. The key sensation in the Euphorbiaceae family. He spoke of being afraid as a child of the dark – that something would come and take him away to another world. A key rubric in the remedy Mancinella is delusion that he will be taken away by the devil. And as the Dr. continued to explain the case clearly fell into place. So much to learn and every day demonstrates how little I know.

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