Join Ananda as she scours the planet for traditional medicinal and healing practices

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Technical Difficulties

As to be expected it is taking us a long time to get our electronic devices running. To begin with the adaptors we purchased at Europe bound under good proffesional advice, don't actually work in India, or they kind of do if you want to plug in a refrigerator! So after shorting out our hotel with such a device we began the search for an Indian adaptor. After much searching and deliberation we purchased an adaptor with a fuse... but it didn't seen to actually hold the plug in place - and hence the search continued. We finally found an unfused one and we're risking our devises to India's electrical system.

Now with lots of juice to power the cameras and computer we find that the devices aren't recognized by the computer, and it may take longer than anticipated to get the show on the road. So in the meantime I will fascinate you with pictures and tales and you'll have to let your imagination do the walking.

we're currently in Pushkar, one of the holiest cities in India - it is the only place to have a temple dedicated to the God Brahma - a being cursed to having no one worship him for having cheated on his wife - a warning to all you men out there!!

For all your amusement and my own sense of curiosity I visited a local reflexologist. After explaining he could cure my back problem in 5 minutes he began the very painful "massage" of my feet using a variety of instruments. I cought all this on video and promise to post it as soon as possible. He introduced me to a Koean technique that similarly to reflexology claims it can clear blockages in the energetic system by attaching pressure and seeds or magnets to corresponding parts of the hands and feet.

For the next day my back felt just as bad and even a bit worse than it had for days. I'm not sure as to whether his cure did much at all. Though I do admit that today my back feels more at ease - and I feel ready to conquer the local bus to the nearbye town of Ajmer for a little site seeing.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

One week and Counting

At this time next week I plan to be crammed into a plane flying somewhere over the Atlantic, flipping through chanels on my personal in-flight television (cross my fingers that there is such a thing on this flight).

And yet here I sit amidst my messy bedroom wondering how it will all sort itself out in time, but we all know it will.

Passport..... check
Visa..... check
1st night reservation... check
freaked out parents... check
laundrey..... um that can wait